Using Tech Spark

tl;dr: The Tech Spark makerspace is a common access makerspace with policies and procedures around it's use. You are expected to verse yourself with it's rules and make sure you are in compliance with them


On Thursday, the lab session will be held in Tech Spark; but it will also be a resource for your work outside of class times too:

The space houses a simulation cluster, 3D printers, rapid prototyping equipment, electronic fabrication facilities, and traditional manual and CNC machining to allow students and faculty to design and fabricate at the nano, micro and macro scales.

It is important to note that the space is common access. That means that while we will have some reserved space in the general lab for our sessions; other users may be in the space and may be working on their projects.

In short, be a good citizen - don’t clutter or leave projects on workspaces you aren’t actively using; make sure your belongings are safety stored not to create a tripping hazard for others and generally be mindful of the shared use.

As it’s a shared space you’re also responsible for ensuring that the spaces are well maintained: you should always leave it in good working condition for others.Take the time to clean up the workspaces immediately after use, make sure tools are returned to their proper places, etc.

Specific information about Tech Spark follows next

Accessing Tech Spark - Equipment and Hours

Equipment is available during TEAM open hours (Training Engineers And Makers). This includes the FabLab (3D printers, laser cutters-engravers, electronics stations) and MetalShop (manual and CNC machining equipment).

TEAM hours (hand/power tools, 3D printing,laser cutting, electronics and soldering) are typically

Communal areas are accessible 24/7. This includes the computing cluster, project storage, and assembly / meeting area

Full details on hours can be found at and you can make reservations via the online calendar

User Policies

Equipment is access controlled and you will need to use your CMU ID or Computer Login to activate this equipment. To use this equipment you must have the appropriate shop training (see BioRaft) and you must have completed the appropriate courses to learn how to use the equipment safely. Most are covered in the 3 unit course: 24-104 - Maker Series I: Intro to Modern Making.

To work with:

When working in the space be mindful of the following:

Full details can be found on

Project Storage Policies