Course Fees

tl;dr: A lab fee of $120 will be charged for this course. This will provide each student with a Internet of Things development toolkit.

A lab fee of $120 will be charged to each student. This will provide each student with a Internet of Things development toolkit. This will be retained by the student on completion of the course as a resource for future projects.

Course Fees are charged to students participating in this course. These are determined by resource access (i.e. spaces & equipment), consumables (i.e. materials), and any other course related fees (i.e. Field Trips). This one time fee should cover most course related costs.

In addition to the toolkit provided to each students, the fee will be used to cover the purchase of project-specific hardware (components, consumables, etc.). This will be made available to each student for each project. These will be a shared resource and on the completion of those projects, students must return project-specific hardware for use in future projects in and beyond the duration of the course. Students may wish to use advanced or other hardware for their projects. Where possible, accomodations to purchase hardware will be made, but students should be aware they may be responsible for the cost of other hardware or consumables beyond those directly.

The course fee will be posted to your student account before the end of the semester.

What the Course Fee also covers:

  1. access to the following facility resources: Tech Spark Maker Facility (HH C101); Integrated Innovation Institute’s IoT Workstation (311 Craig St.)
  2. You will gain access to project lending resources (contact Amanda Mitchell); providing you with immediate availability of various materials, tools, electronics, peripherals, equipment, and mobile computing platforms- related to your specific workflows.
  3. You will receive a Particle IoT development kit which contains all of the basic hardware for your projects. You will retain this at the end of the course.
  4. You will receive access to advanced hardware, tools, materials and consumables that are made available for specific projects.
  5. You will be given a small allocation for your collaborative team to purchase equipment for your final projects.